planning & design

new construction and conversion | existing building development | historic preservation
project developement:
development of utilization concepts | conversion | land readying for construction
urban planing:
concepts | neighborhood development | studies | development plans
3D-visualisation | models | 3D-printing

organization & economic construction management

general planning:
assumption of all architectural and engineering services as responsible general planner
cost planning:
cost optimization | economic efficiency calculation | cost control in all service phases
construction implementation:
tendering, awarding | invoicing of construction services | construction supervision | scheduling | deadline monitoring | quality control | documentation | warranty control



Here we serve all services that begin before the first idea and are not finished with the completion. We always see ourselves as consultants, partners and representatives of our client in all matters. Our primary goal is always the deadline and your budget paired with our architectural requirements and highest standards.

phases 0-1
Starting with a thorough anamnesis (location and task), long-term concepts are reviewed and discussed in dialogue with the clients. Here, possibilities are sounded out and compared. The result is a concrete task as a basis for the design.

phases 2-4
Classically, this is the phase of the design which, after the elaboration and discussion of several variants (preliminary design), results in a concrete design and this forms the basis for the building application and the concrete costs. Here we work very much on 3D models and also real models for better understanding, in order to optimize the communication with the building owners to the maximum. Translated with (free version)

phase 5
For us, detailed design is an enormously important phase of the planning process, since this phase is decisive for the quality of construction, both from an architectural and an economic point of view. It also provides the basis for a good tender and simplifies communication with those involved in the construction.

phases 6-8
According to our understanding of quality management, tendering and construction management absolutely belong together and require great expertise, both in planning and execution. This also requires great management skills to actively avoid mistakes on the construction site even before they happen.

phases 9-10
Hier geht es uns um mehr als nur die reine Zusammenfassung des Bauwerkes. Es geht darum, die mittelfristigen und langfristigen Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten und -optionen (ausgehend von Leistungsphase 0) aufzuzeigen und eventuell später aufzugreifen. Hier betreuen wir den Bau eben auch nach dem Bau weiter.